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Best of 2013

To say they’re my “best” shots would be wrong in the sense that I’m no expert and that judgement is best left to some others, so rather than “best”, perhaps “favourite” is a more apt word. It wasn’t easy to decide and I relied on Facebook friends to help me with the choice. In the end, I settled on these three.

Chiew's best of 2013 shots

Best of 2013

On number three, Tormented“. Photos reflect real life, not just smiley poses and this one packs, for me, emotion. What emotion the subject is displaying is best left to the imagination of the viewer. The focus and lighting are to my liking. Even though this photo was from a shoot, this particular one came out rather candid.

Looking in” is my choice for number two. As with most of my favourite photos, this was a case of being in the right place at the right time. I was walking along with the camera in my hand when this vision just sprang up at me, begging to be shot. I brought the camera to my eyes, and snapped. Just the one click. I was afraid that the subject would notice and might have thought me a weirdo or something… In retrospect, perhaps I should have risked it and tried different framing and angles…

My favourite of 2013 is “Composing“; quite a simple shot, really. It was at a surprise party. The subject is not a photography enthusiast, but had been asked to take some photos because the owner of the camera would be too busy with hosting the event. It was a very sunny day, I remember, and I just happened to be near the subject, in the shade, and thought, wow, this is perfect. Up came the camera, and clicked it went.

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